To register your child, please fill out the form below.  Note: all competitive students must be accepted via an audition

before registering. Recreational students do not require an audition. Please print and sign these waivers below (orange link) and bring them on the 1st day of dance. Dancers will not be able to participate unless

both waivers are signed by a parent or guardian. 


Zdance Release Form.pdf



Please ensure:

1) There is a minimum of 200 square feet  of dance space and a minimum of 6 feet floor to ceiling clearance. 

2) There is no glass or breakable material in the designated dance area.

3) For participants under 10 years, it is advised that a parent/caregiver be in the same room as the child/children but not in the view of the camera.

4) Participants must wear tight fitted active wear to all classes. Remove any unnecessary items that may cause distraction. 

5) Running shoes are necessary for hip hop classes.

6) Water should be in the same room as the dancer.

7) Participants must ask before taking a washroom break when needed. 

8) You will have the option to conduct the class with your video ON or OFF. Video ON will allow for the best teacher to student communication. If you choose to have your video ON, please make sure the background is clear of any sensitive personal information. 

9) Email with zoom links will only come from this email address: Do not open links that come from other senders you do not recognize. Do not share the link with anyone outside of your household. 

10) By participating in the class, you understand that we cannot control peripheral activity in a home. We will always advise dancers to be careful in their surroundings. 

11) Participants or their parents/caregivers, are prohibited from filming/videoing the classes, the screen, the teacher, or other participants.