Hello to all school Teachers, Principals & Vice Principals! Do you want a true dance expert to inspire and educate your students? Well you've come to the right place! Dance experts on the ZDM- IHDE team hold Masters of Fine Arts Degrees and Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in dance performance & choreography. They have extensive experience in teaching students of all ages and levels, and are passionate about preserving the beautiful art form of dance, by properly educating today's youth. 

In House Dance Education  offers rich and comprehensive dance programs that caters to every grade, and corresponds with the Ontario Arts Curriculum.

The program offers workshop classes in the following genres:

  • Hip Hop
  • Jazz
  • Afro-Jazz
  • Classical Ballet
  • Ballet Funk
  • Contemporary
  • Lyrical
  • Improvisation

IN ADDITION: (Grades 7-12)

Teachers can choose one, or all of the below workshops series:

  • Creating and Presenting Dance (Comparing differences between concert dance and  commercial dance. Experiencing the creation process and presenting a piece to their school/parents)
  • Reflecting, Responding & Analyzing Dance Using the Laban Movement Analysis Method to analyze: body, space, shape, time and flow. Offering tactics in reflecting and responding to dance. 
  • Exploring Forms and Cultural Contexts (Choice one or more genres: Ballet, Modern/Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop, African. (Includes historical background + a class in the chosen genre)


Classes are presented in the form of workshop master classes. 1-5 visits per class/series are recommended, depending on the school teachers overall lesson goals. 

* Please email to receive further details. Please include any important information such as grade levels,  class objectives, school name and location.