Zdance will follow all necessary safety precautions in compliance with government guidelines

  • Dancers & teachers temperatures will be taken with a non touch thermometer. If a dancer or teacher shows a fever, they will be sent home. 
  • Parents must drop off & pick up their children outside (not in studio). 
  • Dancers must wear mask in common areas such as hallway, change room & foyer. (Ages 9 +) Dancers can take mask off while dancing but are encouraged to wear them as much as possible. 
  • Proper distancing of 6 feet is marked on the studio floor with tape.
  • Sanitizer is provided.
  • Teachers wear masks at all times. 
  • Class sizes are limited 14 dancers + 1 teacher for competitive programs.
  • The studio will be cleaned and sanitized before the start of all classes
  • All heavily touched areas will be sanitized frequently (in between classes) such as: door knobs, light switches, water dispenser, faucets, toilet handles, speakers, ballet barres, and mats. (before and after each class) 
  • Restrooms will be sanitized frequently throughout the day/evening. Paper towels will be provided
  • Dancers & teachers will be reminded to wash hands before class, in-between class, and after any breaks. 
  • Dancers & teachers that exhibit signs of Covid-19 must stay home for 14 days unless a negative Covid test is provided. 

* There will be love, energy, support and kindness given to each other at the studio as we all navigate this together. We're strong and adaptable!