Zdance Movement Inc. is a dance studio with both a professional division and a youth division. Here at Zdance, we celebrate movement as a beautiful, architectural, technical, emotional, spiritual, & theraputic art form. Through informed dance education, training, and high quality performances, it is our mission to inspire young artists & preserve dance appreciation in our community. 

There are many reasons why Zdance is unique in its industry. To begin, it is a private school for dancers, class sizes are small, making it easier for the students to have the undivided attention from their faculty. In addition, all faculty members are highly qualified and highly experienced members of the professional dance community. They still perform, and always make sure to stay current via their own artistic research. Furthermore, we are a collaborative company. Students are often involved in the planning process of our many projects.

Dance styles and dance related courses in the youth division include:Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Lyrical, Acrobatics, Pointe, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop & Improvisation.

Dance styles and dance related courses in the professional/pre-professional division include: Modern/Contemporary, Jazz, Movement Release, Dance Careers, Dance Production, Dance History, Intro to Movement Analysis, & Critical Issue's in Dance.